Whole Hog May 2024 Delivery

140.00 LBS

Expected release date is 18th May 2024

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Price is $1075.00 includes processing & delivery, but does not include sales tax. Whole hogs yield approximately 140 lbs. of take-home meat and average $7.67 per pound. $300 deposit reserves your whole hog, which we anticipate will be ready for delivery May 2024.  Please note: We have a very limited supply of hogs do not hesitate order today while supplies last! We will not be offering whole hogs during the busy farmers market season of June to November.

You can share a hog with family and friends, but we will only deliver to one location and customer must divide up cuts if sharing. We have a very limited so please place your order today for high quality Berkshire pork delivered right to your door! 

Additional fees may apply for special cuts. For more information on cuts see link below.  There is a $75.00 discount if you pick up from the farm and we do not have to deliver. 

Find more information about our whole and half hogs here.

After placing deposit, please click here to fill out our Half Hog order form. For a whole hog, fill out the form TWICE to indicate how you would like each half of your hog processed.