70 LB Deep Freezer Pack - December Delivery

70.00 LBS
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This generous bulk package includes 70 LBS of Berkshire Pork & Grassfed Beef, perfect for stocking up a deep freezer!

2 ground chicken or turkey (farmers pick) 
2 ham steaks 
2 pork shoulder roasts (pictured) 
4 packs bacon (mix and match jowl, cottage, or regular) msg and nitrite free
2 Packs Pork Stew or Kabob Meat (farmers pick)  
2 packs bone in chops (2 chops in each package)
1 Fresh or Smoked Ham Roast (farmers pick)  
5 ground pork bulk or patties (in 1 lb. packages)
5 whole hog breakfast sausage in (1 lb. packs)
2 chuck or arm roasts farmers pick
1 sirloin tip roast
1 rump roast  
10 ground beef (in 1 lb. packages)  
2 beef stew or kabob meat (farmers pick) 
2 cube or round steaks 
4 packs bratwurst farmers pick of flavors 
4 Italian sausage bulk 
2 sirloin steaks 
1 or 2 whole fryer chickens  

*Last minute substitutions may occur for comparable items in type and price if needed due to low inventory