15 lb. Spring Grill Package.

15.00 LBS
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15 lb. Spring Grill Pack 
1 Pack of Beef Stew or Kabobs (farmers pick)  
1 Pack of Sirloin Steak, skirt steak or flat Iron (farmers pick) 
1 Pack of two Bone in Chops 
1 Pack of two Pork Cutlets or pack of kabobs (farmers pick) 
1 Pack of 4 Brats (farmers pick flavor)
1 Pack of Spare Ribs or Country Ribs (farmers pick) 
1 Pack of two Pork Shoulder Steaks 
1 Pack of 4 1/4 lb. Beef patties 
1 Pack of 4 Italian Links Hot or Mild (farmers pick)
1 Pack Half Fryer or Pack of Fryer Leg Quarters (Farmers Pick) 
1 Pack of uncured Hot Dogs (Beef or pork farmer pick)