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25 LB Grass-fed Beef Package on Sale in April only!

Was: $280.75
Now: $250.75
25.00 LBS


This one of a kind pack includes an awesome variety of the following!  On sale in April only for $250.75! Regular price is $280.75 this sale will not last as farmers markets will be starting soon, take advantage of this great deal on grassfed beef delivered right to your door! 

7 ground beef bulk

1 rump or sirloin tip roast (farmers pick)

1 arm or chuck roast (farmers pick)

2 T Bone steaks/Porterhouse or 3 NY Strips (farmers pick)

3 Rib-eye steaks

1 sirloin steaks

1 Pack Short Ribs or Soup Bone (farmers pick) 

2 Packs Beef Stew or Kabob Meat (farmers pick) 

1 pack round steak, cube steaks, or swiss steaks (farmers pick)