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20.00 LBS

This 20 lb. Winter sampler pack gives you a little bit of everything with some great roasts and stew meat for this winter. An amazing variety at a great price includes FREE home delivery! *Package will always include at least 20 lbs. of meat - but exact items may change based on availability. The below is a good example of the items it will include. **Interested in 20 lbs. of meat, plus a dozen eggs.  

1 dozen eggs (medium or large farmers pick) 

1 Pork Roast ( fresh ham or shoulder roast farmers pick)   

1 Beef Stew, cube steaks (farmers pick) 

1 Pack Fryer Leg Quarters or half fryer (farmers pick)  

1 Pack Ground Beef 

1 Pork Stew or Cutlet (farmers pick) 

1 Pack Italian Sausage (Links or Bulk farmers pick) 

1 Pack of Bone in Pork Chops 

1 Pack Ground Turkey 

1 Beef Roast Chuck or Arm (farmers pick) 

1 Beef Rump or Sirloin Tip Roast 

1 Pack Breakfast Sausage 

1 Pack of three Mushroom Swiss Beef Patties 

1 Pack Pepperoni 


*Depending on inventory, we make have to make a last minute substitution prior to delivery. New item will be comperable value and product typle, for example a different type of sausage or a different type of roast.